Excited by Ceramics Workshop!!!

Very excited about a Ceramics Workshop I attended tonight. The Island’s schools have been given a grant by Ogier’s to set up a series of workshops for the Gifted and Talented students at Highlands. We have set up 6 different workshops (Graphics, Fashion Illustration, Textiles and Print, Animation, Alternative Photography and Ceramics) that are going to run over 6 weeks. I am “supervising” the Ceramics, but actually I just want to learn how to use clay properly! We don’t have a kiln at Hautlieu, but the students use a lot of the air drying stuff, so it will be good to learn more about technical aspects. Today we have been making basic pinch pots – literally get a blob of clay, stick your thumb in the middle and pinch the walls up. Mine are…wobbly to say the least. The certainly look handmade! Pics to follow. But the students really enjoyed themselves – there are 6 from Hautlieu, one each from De La Salle, Haute Valle and two from Le Rocquier. Next week we are making slab pots and I think we are getting a demonstration on throwing.


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