Medarrdo Rosso – a new favourite

I was showing another art teacher at Hautlieu, Rob Allen, my little carved man, we were talking about covering it in wax to give it more texture and a weathered look and about Renaissance statues that have been partly carved out of their rock but never finished. Rob suggested looking at Medarrdo Rosso – fell in love with his work immediately! Italian artist, 1858-1928 (the rest I am sure you can glean from wiki, or see here his work was made of bronze and wax. I was amazed by the textural qualities, the differences between rough material and perfect detail (there is one of mother and child which is particularly moving) which made his figures come to life out of the material they were made from. I think that is what inspired me most, not that they were perfect, clean sculpture, but that the there was a great honesty shown by the artist with regards to the material.

One of the things I am trying to do is to keep a sketch book of all of this in a similar way as to how my students are expected to keep theirs (it’s interesting, they love seeing what is in my sketchbook and are always surprised I keep one…story for another day). As part of their assessment, they are required to respond to their artist references, so here is my first response to Rosso: Medarrdo Rosso Sketch

I am also going to make some objects using wax and paper.


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