Lazy blogger

I dare not look at the date of my last blog! But things have been very busy at school and although I’ve been making work, I’ve not even spared a thought for this page. One of my New Years resolutions is to learn new skills, starting with oil painting. I’ve never really played with them, but having tried a couple of basic exercises I found in some ancient text books, I’ve fallen in love. They also really suit my practice because I can stop and start as necessary (there is rarely a quiet moment in the department).
I also took part in a workshop with a (long ago) ex-student Rob Anderson who now lives in New York. It was a great opportunity for both staff and students to learn a new technique. We started with charcoal and a water spray on a raw canvas and then started to build with acrylic washes and finally oil detail. I will post a photo of the result soon (it currently lives in the science technicians lab).
But for now, here is my first steps in oil…


Would also like to say hi to my ibbles – I finally updated it!!!


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