“Today, I am going to be productive…”

How many times have I said that? And then got side-tracked?

I am a great procrastinator and I do find it difficult to sometimes get my head into gear, particularly when it comes to creating artwork. Part of me I suspect feels guilty – art currently is a hobby, I don’t get paid to do it (in fact I pay a lot to do it) and it has to take a back seat when it comes to doing ‘proper’ work (schemes of work, marking, more marking, worksheets etc etc). So when I spend some quality time on my own work, part of me is saying “but you should have been working on your next Graphics lesson…”

Another reason for my procrastination is that I don’t have a studio space of my own, I have to go to school; not the most enticing of ideas on the first week of holidays when it is 30 degrees. Or I will be working after school and the world and his wife wanders in, wanting some of my attention and I get distracted…again.

Finally, after I have finally found some free time, settled down with everything ready…my head just isn’t in it. Writers block. Which I think comes with lack of practice. So my own fault really. 

However, the last two days I have had a few hours free in the morning and have said “I am going to be productive”. And I have been! I have managed to finish a painting (well I might go back to it, but it’s nearly complete), start two others and abandon one. Which is very productive for 6 hours! What has helped me is there is an end goal in sight – myself and my fellow art teachers at my school have an exhibition at the beginning of September, so I have to have work! The other reason I know I was productive was after this morning’s session, I went to the shop to get something for lunch and to my dismay, when I got home, I realised why the lady looked at me funny: I had looked like an extra out of Braveheart with blue oil paint smeared across my face…oh well!