Artist’s Statement

Broadly speaking, I do not feel defined by any particular discipline – my work has included video, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and painting. My work revolves around different themes: I have worked extensively on projects based around my home island of Jersey, particularly looking at the island’s heritage, but more recently my work has revolved around the idea of human shapes cast into a landscape.

Coming from a small island, I often feel as though I have to view the contemporary art world from afar and it can be hard to feel part of a wider art community (although the island does have a huge number of artists). However, for what we lack in cultural resources we make up for with stunning landscapes. It is hard not to be inspired by the monumental cliffs, wide open beaches and the vast number of fortifications (German and British) that litter the island. This, combined with my love of literature, provide huge inspiration for my work.

I studied Critical Fine Art Practice at the University of Brighton. Since moving back to the island a few years ago, I have trained as a teacher and now teach Art at a local secondary school. This I find incredibly rewarding as it encourages my artistic brain and my practice – being surrounded continually by art students, it is hard not to want to be continually making. I am currently working on a number of contemporary oil paintings for a group exhibition in September 2014 with two other art teachers.


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