AS Real Exam

Today saw the end of several weeks of hard work by our Year 12s – they had their 5hour art exam. We had such a diverse range of work; one student had found two dead terns and a dead gannet, stuffed them over Easter and hung them up this morning and painted them on a huge canvas, another made a mask out of latex and ham (which really creeped me out!), we had sculptures of seed pods, all sorts of amazing ideas! It was a tight squeeze getting the 46 students into the department all at the same time, but I was really proud of how they conducted themselves.
There was a running theme of dead things in this project, not from the titles, but students have been bringing in dead animals, meat and fish for about a month – hopefully my classroom might smell a bit better next week. I think it goes to show how curious and imaginative the students are, they use their art to investigate things that interest them.
We mark all the prep work and final pieces during the exam, the grades were good today, with a few students who changed their projects round and exceeded expectations, which makes the hard work worth while. Now though is definitely a time to chill out for a bit, absolutely cream crackered!