Productive afternoon

Yesterday was really productive (amazing what a bit of sunshine can do!). We were back to school for INSET in the morning, and we discussed a new project for Year 10 Applied Arts – they will be working with an archaeological team who are digging up some Ice Age sites near to school. The students will have to make a pop up museum (in a container) and lots of signs for bus stops and the dig. This is great timing for resources – the British Museum currently have an exhibition on called ‘Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind’ and we also started to watch an amazing programme called ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’ about the Chauvet caves in France – completely blew us away and left us very excited about the project!

Two sculptures made from air-drying clay. Left outside to weather.

Two sculptures made from air-drying clay. Left outside to weather.

I went home thinking about the sculptures again and made a couple out of some different air drying clays. They have a Hessian base and have been lovingly left outside – surprise surprise its raining today – to “weather”. So far, not much to report – hoping for something amazing to happen over night, but expecting to find some slightly slumped bits in the morning!

I also got busy with some printing ink too, just using a drawing from my sketchbook and a photograph of one of the figures from Pompeii.

Thanks for reading! (and Hi to Daphne Gertrude, Frankie and Dave if you have stopped by!)