Making bound figure in Ceramics…

I wanted to use the clay to make some figures for my project – I thought that the process of making it and then firing it was quite reflective of the Canto, setting the figure in stone as it were. Here is my first attempt:  First Ceramic Sculpture
I started by sketching roughly what I wanted to achieve and then the tutor suggested the best way to create it was to make a base out of screwed up newspaper and build the clay up around it. The clay has to be hollow to allow for it to fire properly. This created a few difficulties as making a model out of newspaper and masking tape is pretty basic and difficult to get the features accurate. Working the clay around it made my initial design change – it fits into my hand quite neatly and I wanted to utilise the idea that it was created by hand (thinking back to the ideas of judgement in Inferno). As a result of this idea, I didn’t use any carving tools, just my finger nails and hands.
This photo is taken at the green stage, before firing. It should come out in a pale terracotta. The newspaper will completely turn to ashes and leave the figure hollow (there is a little hole in the bottom to shake the ash out).