Year 7 Cubism Project

I realise it is a while since I have last posted, lots and lots has happened, and I’ve just not got round to it! Yesterday, I gave a presentation about why art is important in education to a board from the Education Department – I might post my transcript at a later date. We have also had all of the GCSE, AS and A-Level exams which all went really well – beautiful work. We also had an exhibition/competition at a local law firm. And I had another assignment to do. So – I’ve been busy!

Today was my last day at JCG – 7.3 gave me a lovely card. And I just wanted to share some of their final pieces for the Cubism project. They look fabulous. After they cut out the shapes of their drawings from their still life, they cut half of their background out to make table cloths or walls (some complete with windows or picture frames) using some funky wall paper. It might have gone a little way-away from Cubism, but I am really proud of the students work.

And now it is Friday night, of a Bank Holiday weekend, of Half Term week – I’m having the rest of the night off!