Sacred Figures Experiment

I am, along with the two other teachers in my department, re-taking my Art A-Level so that we can use it as a teaching tool (students will mark our work) and also to fuel our competitive natures. Our first project is titled ‘Sacred’ and my take on this is to like at the idea of the Sacred Figure including relics.

I have been fascinated by the sculpture Veiled Christ made by Giuseppe Sanmartino (can be seen in a chapel in Naples). Veiled Christ Giuseppe Sanmartino

It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship – I can’t even begin to think how you could carve marble with such delicacy. I have been experimenting (crudely) with different ways recreating this, including soaking thin material in PVA/water solution and today’s effort (see below) of using mod rock over thick material. There is definite refinement needed, but I do think there is scope for something interesting.