Skipton Art Studios

Today I went to see some of the open art studios as part of the Skipton Open Studios event. I went to La Folie and met Clare Ormsby who was making some beautiful paintings, combining acrylic and piped coloured glue and Pippa Barrow who makes bronze casts of human and animal feet (as seen at Durrell Wildlife Zoo – or whatever they call the zoo these days) and also sets tiny bones collected from owl pellets in resin. They were incredibly beautiful and delicate, particularly set in resin, it gave them a preserved quality that highlighted their fragility.

I also went to see Kerry-Jane Warner in her amazing new studio – very jealous of the facilities she has! She let me have a go on her letterpress and I made this:


The machine is so clever, you pop the letters in their holder in to the machine and then you pull the lever and e magic happens! I’m sure there is a better way of describing it…never mind!

If you are in Jersey, the studios are open today and next weekend – have a look here for a list of events

I am going to try and see some more next weekend – apparently Ian Rolls’ studio is to die for!